Happitunia Bubblegums™
Extended Flowering • Vigourous Growth • Gardens and Pots

Hanging Basket

Cascading Pot Planter

Low Spread Garden Landscape

Sun Lover


Colour your garden with a minimum of fuss. These new selections of Petunia are easy to grow in sunny positions. Planted into large containers, baskets, combinations and in garden beds they excel. These are so easy to grow that they are virtually maintenance free and perpetually in bloom during the warmer months.
Blush pink in cooler temperatures and more silvery white in heat. More mounded growth than the other two.
Fuchsia pink with a dark eye. Low growing.
True lolly pink with deeper pink veins. Low growing.
Bubblegums are very easily grown in sunny garden beds, pots or hanging baskets. They bear many flowers in either pink, blush, white and fuchsia and cover the bush entirely. Huge numbers of flowers are borne at any time and the flowering goes on for months.