Bracteantha Sundaze®
Australian Native • Vibrant Colours • Easy Gardening

Native Plant

Low Pot Planter

Low Upright Garden Landscape

Sun Lover


Bracteantha Sundaze® hybrids are heat tolerant plants that make terrific garden displays and also excellent specimens for large containers and combination planting. This is one of the best flowers for floral art since the flower heads keep their shape and the colours do not fade.
Orange flower petals with orange centres.
Open orange-red petals recess somewhat backwards making the bright yellow central parts of the bloom stand out. Slender leaves and bright upright flowers standing well above the foliage.
Flowers are single and dark orange with star shaped smaller petals around the bright yellow centre. Low growing, easy maintenance.
Shimmering iridescent flowers white with yellow centres.
Brilliant orange/red blaze of colour.
Fine leafed variety with gold, full rounded flower.
Pointed bronze-red buds open to golden-yellow flowers with bronze-red tips.
Totally yellow flowers early and continues to bloom right through the season. Flowers are fully double.
A large fully double bloom. As the flowers open they have shades of cream through the opening petals.