Versatile • Easy to grow • Great cut flowers

Medium Pot Planter

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Sun Lover


Agapanthus are one of the most used, versatile plants in gardens around the world. Why is this so? They are so easy to grow and flower prolifically even when neglected. Agapanthus are deservedly popular and have been in cultivation for many centuries.
The first Agapanthus to bloom again and again several times a year.
Main flowering is in November.
Typical blue flowers with an added darker centre stripe.
Easy to grow in landscape in sunny gardens. Waterwise once established.
Tolerates hot and dry conditions once established.
Will withstand reasonably cold weather.
Great cut flowers for floral arrangements.
Agapanthus ‘Blue Ice’ is one of the medium growers having flower stems 75-80cm high. The flowers lend themselves to picking, they last well in floral arrangements indoors. As garden plants‘Blue Ice’ comes into flower around the end of the year giving a burst of colour for the yuletide season. Agapanthus ‘Blue Ice’ is a clumping perennial ground cover growing best in full sun. They grow in most soil types and are drought tolerant once established.
Agapanthus ‘Summer Gold’ is one of the most outstanding plants we have introduced in recent years. In leaf texture and colour ‘Summer Gold’ is well suited to garden pots in sunnier positions in your garden. ‘Summer Gold’ has lovely strap like heavily variegated leaves, pale yellow with a green centre make this Agapanthus as handsome out of flower as in. As a potted subject ‘Summer Gold’ does a superb job, looking the same outstanding plant every day of the year. The mid-blue to purple flower heads stand up to 40cm above the plants and make a fine addition to the overall effect.